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Welcome to THE HEALER METHOD, a transformational method 

of the healing arts.

This powerful and dynamic Method of Healing promotes healing at

the deepest level.

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whether you suffer from chronic or long term pain, illness or other symptons.

If you are personally guided to the healing arts, The Healer Method also offers

Certification for you to become a Certified Master of Healing.

Connect with a Master in these states: California, Arizona, South Dakota,

Minnesota, Iowa

Do you seek healing for your body?

Do you seek healing for post traumatic stress?

Physical illness and pain? Emotional healing? Memories? Past life or present?

The Healer Method works at a multi-dimensional level to help you heal.

Within each healing session the nurturing components of hands

on healing, anointing with powerful healing essential oils,

imparting cosmic healing symbols, moving energy and removing

blocked energy through a new and dynamic tapping method

are all administered with tender loving care.


We honor you as both a physcial Being and Spiritual Being

For your personal session with founder, Boyd Sibley




The Healer Method also helps you discover the Healer within you.

In what way is healing important to you? 

Have you considered opening the door to your spiritual gifts?

We will help you discover your own unique and Divine powers for healing.

As you desire to serve, love, and bring peace to all beings everywhere,

we invite you to join us.


  • THE HEALER METHOD Workshops and Attunement for Master Level
  • are offered by  founder Boyd Sibley and by trained Masters who reside

            in AZ, CA, NM, IA. MN. and S.D.


  • Massage Therapists and those working as energy workers may receive up to 12 hours of credit
  • for continuing education, applicable in some states. 
  • Please take a few moments and view our "Attunements and Enrollment" pages as you are guided to connect with us.

           For Attunements For Healer II, our NEW Self-Healing Workshop

        ...and Please sign our Guest Book at the bottom of the page, Thank you


          The HEALER METHOD is compatible with ALL other forms of natural and spiritual healing.


If you have a need for healing, please call us for a healing session with Boyd or Healer Method Master Kelly Lynn.

Email Boyd:

Long distant healing sessions are also available.

For healing sessions or Certification Workshops in the Midwest, please connect with Midwest Regional Master, Ejay Green




Peace and many blessings                                          

~Boyd~ Founder of The Healer Method                         


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